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The only loyalty app designed & developed by veterinarians, for veterinarians. Watch a Demo.

Increase your revenues by an
average of $55,000/year with our
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2017 Loyalty Program Report

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Deliver a whole new level
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Breed Specific Notifications

NEW! Breed Specific Notifications:

Send targeted messages to over
100 canine and 10 feline breeds.


Send Targeted Notifications

Send targeted notifications
to all clients, a specific custom group
or just one person...
your choice!


We Really Get It!

We’re working veterinarians, hospital managers and techs just like you. We know the challenges practitioners face every day! Our mission is to provide easy-to-implement technology solutions for veterinary practices like yours who want to connect with your clients and give more advanced care to your patients. Every feature in our app has been implemented and proven with real clients and patients.

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Vet2Pet Features


The Icon

Your very own icon for your clinic. Having real estate on your client’s smartphone is the best way to stay connected! Your clients don’t need you everyday but when they do, you want to be there.

Push Notifications

Don’t have a full surgery schedule next week? Send a blast to all of your top clients at one time offering $50 off dentals for 1 week! You can also send reminders to give monthly preventatives, “Amber alerts” for lost pets in your area, food recalls, etc. Learn More.

Appt Requests

Clients can easily request appointments whenever it is convenient to them, which often isn’t when you are there to answer the phone. Each request is sent to your email account and you can follow up to secure the appointment.

Food/Rx Requests

Your clients can send in orders to refill food and medications. And, if it’s easier, they can simply upload a photo of your product!

Loyalty Program

NEW Features!

Reward your top clients with an easy-to-implement Loyalty Rewards program that can be customized for your practice. Now featuring a loyalty dashboard and revenue and engagement stats in real time!
2017 Loyalty Program Report.


Family Share


Now all members of the same family can share the app so everyone knows when Fluffy is due for services.

Performance Stats

New Features!

Access your app’s stats on a powerful new dashboard that measures the number of downloads, different levels of engagement and associated revenues, all in real time!

Selfie Shots

Clients can upload a photo of their BFF along with a bio and submit it through the app. You can start an album on your FB and engage your clients on a whole new level.

Target Notifications


Now you can send very targeted notifications to different segments of your client base, i.e. dog owners vs. cat owners, breed specific, etc. (This feature requires an active PetSync subscription.)

Cloud Based


Even if your client loses or upgrades their mobile device, they’ll always be able to access their app, loyalty stamps and reminders.

Pair Your Pet

and Services

Upcoming Appointments

Auto Remind

Auto Remind

When clients download their app, all of their pets will automatically load including description, gender, and birthday.

Pair Your Pet

and Services

Auto Remind

Auto Remind

New! Clients can see all their upcoming appointments right on the app.

Pair Your Pet

and Services

Upcoming Appointments

Auto Remind

Clients will receive a custom notification reminding them of upcoming services and appointments.

Want to see these features in action?

Feeling frisky?

Check out these other great add-ons you can have personalized and built into your app!

Online Store

If you have an online pharmacy, we can build a direct gateway into your store so your clients can shop easily.

Care Credit

We can embed your hospital’s Care Credit application in the app so your clients can apply instantly.

Information Library

Clients will have access to a reliable source of information to look up diseases and pet care tips.

Social Media

We bring all of your social media together in one place, making it easy for your clients to engage with your practice.

*No payments until your app is live.
*$99/year Developer Account Fee (paid directly to Apple)

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What's Included

  • Marketing Kit with unlimited free refills
  • Unlimited Tech and Performance Support
  • Icon and Graphics Support
  • Team Training
  • Annual IOS Upgrades (with renewal)
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Vet2Pet Partner Perks

Customer Reviews

" Fabulous app made by vets for vets. Easy to learn, easy to implement, and so many great features. The developers are very responsive to questions and feedback, and have implemented more than one of my suggestions in their updates. Highly recommended. I have already seen increased revenue from the loyalty program, and clients love it!
– Dr. Lisa Fiorenza, Staten Island Veterinary Group
" Many pets need better health care, from basic wellness and preventive care to the advanced testing and treatments available today. This is especially true for cats due to widespread lack of awareness of their needs and their subtle signs of sickness, coupled with the challenges of transporting cats to veterinary practices. Vet2Pet is an innovative way for connecting with clients and connecting cats and dogs to care."
– Dr. Jane Brunt
Owner of Cat Hospital At Towson in Maryland and Exec. Director of CATalyst Council, Inc.
Catalyst Council
" We are very happy with the process. We've had at least 2 extra purchases this month (that I happened to hear) of clients wanting to 'get their loyalty stamp'. This is only our first month, I expect the buzz to grow. We had 1 client in for a second opinion (who) was excited to change completely to us because she liked us and she loves dealing in apps.
– Dr. Kim Morey, Woodland Trails Animal Hospital
Woodland Trails Animal Hospital
" I could not be happier with our new Vet2Pet App. The loyalty program has increased clients bonding to my practice while making them feel more appreciated. Before Vet2Pet I researched several loyalty programs AND previously had a more expensive app for over a year that was a complete failure. The incorporation of the loyalty program and other client-centered features made the decision easy for me. The Vet2Pet app required virtually no training for my staff to recommend and implement. I would highly recommend it to any vet practice.
– Kent Julius, DVM, Legacy Veterinary Hospital
Legacy Veterinary Hospital
" If I have questions, you and your fabulous team are an email away. I signed up for the next webinar too. I'm really excited about getting our clients on the app. I think the new format is amazing and I know our clients will love it. It's such a great tool to build that clinic/client/patient bond.
– Amy Chacon, Washington Blvd Animal Hospital
Washington Blvd Animal Hospital
" The app is awesome!!!! The whole reception team is onboard and loving it. The clients absolutely love it. We are going to have a whole team meeting so all of the technicians and doctors are familiar with it too. You guys did an awesome job!!!"
– Jessica Higgins, Practice Manager
Clermont Animal Hospital
" Your help has really been a benefit to our clinic! We are proceeding forward with the bundle package available with Patterson. This has turned into a great opportunity to streamline our external marketing and save on costs.
–Jana, Director of Administration
Dells Veterinary Services
Dells Vet Services
" Everyone loves it, the clients love it and the Client Service Team loves it. It just works! I can definitely tell it’s making a difference. We are revamping our retail department now. It’s not just icing on the cake, it’s a whole other cake!
– Steven Wilson, Bayleaf Veterinary Hospital
Bayleaf Vet Hospital
" Everything about Vet2Pet and the APP is virtually effortless. The Vet2Pet website, their APP training, marketing materials and customer service is top notch! Stacee and the team at Vet2Pet are extremely responsive and working with them is truly a joy. We are very pleased with the value of the app; from the navigation to the quick and easy food & rx order forms, selfie shots and of course the loyalty program and so much more!   Thank you for creating this great product!
– Donna Lloyd, HM @ Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic
Princeton Animal Hospital
" We are continually amazed at how progressive and innovative Vet2Pet is. Clients love the ease of the App and it has been a great way for us to get information about new services and promotions out to our loyal clients. Keep up the great work!
– Lisa A. Yackel, Case Veterinary Hospital
Case Veterinary Hospital
" It was so much fun to build and customize our app! My team loves it, and so do our clients. The number of functions and the ease of use of the app are super easy to communicate. The ongoing support from Vet2Pet has also been exceptional.
– Brandy Maisine, Halifax Veterinary Hospital
Halifax Veterinary Hospital
" We LOVE our hospital App! It's made an amazing difference in how easily it allows our clients to connect with us and so many more offers we can make available to show our clients how much we appreciate them!!! The Vet2Pet team delivers on every level!
– Robin, Richter Animal Hospital
Richter Animal Hospital

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