I’m Spoiled (and I Like It)

I’m Spoiled (and I Like It)

by Karyn Ekola, CVPM

I was talking to my husband recently about how much we loved living in our little neighborhood.  It’s quiet, far enough out of town but not too far, and close to the end of the cul-de-sac that there aren’t many people that drive by.  My seven-year-old son was listening to our conversation.  His response was, “I like it here too, except for our internet network.”  Since we live in a small town, and are just far enough out, we don’t have a lot of options for our internet service provider.  We often experience brief moments of the internet dropping out, or slowing down.  Since my husband and my son are avid online gamers, this drastically affects their gaming experience.  I looked at him sadly and pointed out how our #firstworldproblems are because we are spoiled. We talked about how there are people on earth that don’t have access to clean drinking water, or are literally starving to death.  We are over here sitting pretty with everything we could ever possibly want or need, and yet, we still manage to find something to complain about.


Unfortunately, I experienced a moment of #firstworldproblems of my own not too long after that.  I was working from home while letting Paul, our Roomba, vacuum the house all by himself.  (By the way, I love my Roomba so much, that I have given him a name and christened him as another member of the family).  He kept getting stuck under a nearby piece of furniture and I kept having to rescue him.  At one point, I got really angry and practically threw him across the room by his wheels while shouting something about how stupid he was.  I immediately recalled my conversation with my son.  For the love, I just literally yelled at a ROBOT… who cleans my house… so I don’t have to!  What do I possibly have to complain about?!  I told Paul that I was sorry, and that I still loved him, because, you know, he cleans my house so I don’t have to.  And I love him for that.


I guess the fact is that we are spoiled.  And I like it.  Remember what life used to be like, and be appreciative for the amazing things you do have, even if they sometimes don’t work 100% of the time.  What would your life be like without the amazing technology that we have today?  Do you ever take it for granted?


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17th of March 2018 07:56 AM
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8th of March 2018 07:09 AM
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