It’s never to late to dive in even if you can’t swim

I was recently speaking in Honolulu (don’t judge) to a group of veterinary teams about how to ramp up your game by engaging with clients on their smartphone. Since 77% of Americans now have a smartphone, it’s one of the best ways to leverage your marketing budget.

Several of the members on one specific team asked to speak to me in private after I was done presenting.

They had something to talk about but did not want to be in earshot of anyone else.

I finished answering questions from everyone else until it was just the 4 of us. I asked them “So, what’s up?”

They looked at each other nervously, eyes darting, then one of them spoke up as if nominated by the others. She said “We don’t have a practice management system…or email capability…or anything.” There. It was out and they all let out a sigh of relief. I said, “OMG, I thought you were going to say something awful!”

It reminded me of the fact I never learned to swim when I was young. Of course, there were reasons like I had chronic ear issues as a kid so I couldn’t get in the water, then I was afraid to try, I was super busy and just never got around to tackling something so big. Then, one day at the age of 35, I had an opportunity to go underwater on a 15’ guided dive in Mexico where I would have the chance to see some amazing sea creatures. So, I ran through the calculated risks in my head

#1: Chances of dying were slim since it was only 15’ and I would be with a personal guide
#2: It was only going to be about 10-15 minutes of time
#3: I had just got divorced so I knew it couldn’t be worse than that

I decided to go for it. The dive was amazing and and I was so glad I did it. This event inspired me to become certified in diving and learn some very basic swimming skills.

Here’s the deal….you may have missed the boat. You may not have been collecting emails, you’re website might be dreadful, you may be working from a paper calendar. And, all of that is okay. Because the beauty of a mobile app is that you don’t need any of that to be successful. It can run as a stand alone, independent engagement tool between you and your clients. Think of it as a direct link from you to them which is exactly where I got the name for the company “Vet2Pet”. It’s a way for you to connect with your clients outside of the walls of the practice.

So, if you’re feeling like you haven’t been keeping up with the times but you want to start, this is a perfect time to just “dive in”. Just like the guide on that beach in Mexico, we’ve got your back and we can show you what’s out there.


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24th of August 2018 10:42 AM
Lets talk WHO push notifications, Part 2!

With push notifications it is has never been easier to inform and reach your target audience.

Here is a list of some of your different audiences:

1. You can send a personalized push notification to one client.
Ex. Pictures and surgery updates for their hospitalized pet

2. You can send a small group of people a push notification.
Ex. A VIP deal for your top VIP clients

3. You can send a push notification out to one specific or alike breeds.
Ex. A health article about how to care for your brachycephalic dog

4. You can send an age specific push notification.
Ex. A reminder to get blood work done for all geriatric patients

5. You can send a push notification to everyone.
Ex. Any important hospital updates or closures for weather

6. You can send species specific push notifications.
Ex. Kennel cough outbreak alert to all canines in your area

To learn more:
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23rd of August 2018 09:28 AM
We ♡ the staff over at Bossier Animal Hospital! Thank you for being such awesome clients.
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22nd of August 2018 10:13 PM
Love this dog. Please pray for this beautiful child.
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