All Clients are Not Created Equal


There, I said it. Everyone really knows it but for some reason veterinarians are held to some standard to treat everyone the same. The problem with this is that it is exhausting. Some clients are so awesome…they are kind, empathetic, aware of medical limitations and the fact that veterinarians don’t possess a crystal ball.


19th of August 2017 07:13 AM
Check out this new article from our friend Bash Halow in! Thank you so much for featuring our company.
19th of August 2017 07:09 AM
Oh yeah...this is a good one! Imagine getting a notification about the signs of hypothyroidism if you own a Lab. #bestthingever
18th of August 2017 04:03 PM
Welcome to today's episode of Start UP Stories! Our guest is future DVM Aaron Wallace, co-founder of Lacuna Diagnostics which is one of the hottest startups in vet med. Join me to hear his story!