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Choose Your Business Providers Like You Choose Your Friends

by Dr. Stacee Santi, CEO/Founder Vet2Pet   There is no shortage of companies providing services for veterinarians all the way from digital x-ray to consultants to cotton balls. How do you choose? It takes an incredible amount of time to research everyone to make sure you are getting the best “deal” and most of us […]

Check out our combined marketing package with ePetHealth!

We are so pleased to announce our complete client connection service package provided by experts in the field.  We do apps and Patterson does technology.  It’s great and it’s all combined into one dashboard and one bill.

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20th of April 2018 11:00 AM
19th of April 2018 08:45 AM
18th of April 2018 02:08 PM
So cool for Dr. Stacee Santi Longfellow to be a guest with on SparkCAST with Dr. Ira Gordon and Dani McVety hosted by Deborah A Stone- Go Entrepreneurs!