PetSync Available

The PetSync Platform

Deliver a whole new level of care to your patients.

With PetSync™*, clients can pair their app with your practice! Our cutting-edge new platform can integrate with most practice management software systems, for an additional $495 annually (see list below).

What’s included with PetSync?
Pair with your pet

Clients synchronize their app with your software to autoload all their pet’s information including description, gender, birthday, and upcoming service reminders.

Upcoming Appointments

Clients can see all their upcoming appointments right on the app.


Your app will send custom automatic notifications to each client reminding them of upcoming appointments, upcoming services due and lapsed services. Notifications will be sent 10 days prior and 3 days after service is due as well as 24 hours prior to an appointment.

Practice management software we integrate with:

Practice Management Software Support

*PetSync is not included as part of the standard features that come with your app. We need to connect to your practice management software to activate the PetSync Platform. The additional annual cost is $495.