4 Reasons Your Emergency Veterinary Hospital Needs an App

ER is in my blood. It’s part of my DNA. My first (real) job fresh out of veterinary technology school was in an ER. Throughout my career with Vet2Pet, multiple emergency hospitals have contacted me to learn more about our product. I always tell them that we build custom apps for veterinary practices. They typically assume a custom app is not something emergency hospitals need.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

An app for an emergency hospital is genius, helping them to be more efficient, communicate more effectively with clients, and provide excellent patient care. Here are four ways an app can help your emergency hospital:

#1: Push notifications will help you communicate with your clients more effectively and efficiently (saving your staff a boat load of phone calls and providing exceptional client service). Push notifications can:

  • Update a concerned pet owner on her hospitalized pet’s condition, including educational information about the pet’s diagnosis and lab or X-ray results
  • Include attached pictures and/or PDF files, which are always saved in the pet owner’s app so she can reference any material you send at a later time
  • Show the pet owner the value of your services, effectively reducing the “sticker shock” syndrome when she checks out at discharge
  • Improve compliance after discharge, since discharge instructions can be sent through the app and referenced by the owner at any time
  • Be used while the pet owner is sitting in your lobby to provide approximate wait times, which will reduce owner anxiety and irritated visits to your front desk

#2: Medical record requests can be made quickly and easily by pet owners through the app. Rather than calling your front desk and tying up your client care representatives on the phone, you can reference the dashboard to see if a pet owner has requested records and then prioritize when they get completed and sent to your referral partners.

#3: Selfies! Who doesn’t love a sweet pic of a pet who has overcome a health challenge and recently been discharged from the hospital? (FYI: EVERYONE loves a sweet pic of a pet who has overcome a health challenge and recently been discharged from the hospital.) The selfie feature of the app brings huge perks for your emergency hospital. Clients can send selfies of their pets for you to use internally or to post on social media, which:

  • Is an excellent way to get educational information out to the community (and makes your social media content a breeze!)
  • Helps to prevent compassion fatigue (encourage your team to look through the selfies in the dashboard so they are reminded of why we do what we do!)

#4: Easily share your resources by embedding them all in one place. Some resources for pet owners you might consider including in your app:

  • Your Health Library (educational content you want to share with pet owners)
  • The “About Us” link to your website (so pet owners can quickly learn about your team and your practice)
  • Reviews (remind pet owners how amazing everyone thinks you are!)
  • A direct link to CareCredit (so pet owners can easily apply for financing)
  • Poison control information and links (that plant that my cat just ate…was it toxic?)

Implementing an app for your emergency hospital is a no-brainer. It’s beneficial to your clients, your patients, and your team.

Michele Hess RVT is an Inside Sales Representative at Vet2Pet and loves helping practices achieve optimal communication with their clients through today’s technology. She can be reached at michele@vet2pet.com

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Written by
Michele Hess, RVT

Michele Hess, RVT

Michele started her career in emergency veterinary medicine in 2006 and has an extensive and well-rounded understanding of the veterinary profession. As Vet2Pet’s inside sales representative, she enjoys showing people around the app during product demonstrations and helping them understand how the app can help in their day-to-day lives in practice.
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