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Tucked away 25 miles northwest of Chicago in the suburb of Arlington Heights is March Animal Hospital. Open 6 days a week with extended hours, March Animal Hospital provides veterinary care to small animals with a team of 3 veterinarians and a support staff of 19. March Animal Hospital joined Vet2Pet in January 2019 and has achieved tremendous success with their app from the outset. At the date of this spotlight, they had over 1,000 users and 77% of those users are actively using their loyalty program.

The Loyalty Program drives client compliance and excitement

When asked about their Loyalty Program, Practice Manager Kate Duncan said, “I really love when I see clients get bossy about getting their stamps. It’s fun to see their excitement.” Their clients love the loyalty program  and it’s been responsible for a large increase in revenue. Enough so, that practice leadership has taken notice.   

Kate boasts that one long-time client is so excited about the loyalty program that she will buy more of anything just to get to the next hundred dollar increment, even if she’s sometimes nowhere close to it. The loyalty program has definitely led to an increase in client compliance and the number of visits.

Use Push Notifications to improve client communication

While the Loyalty Program is a favorite app feature for clients, the push notifications feature is the March team’s favorite.

All the veterinarians and technicians use push notifications to stay in constant communication with clients whose pets are currently hospitalized. March Animal Hospital has seen a decrease in the number of phone calls from clients checking in on their pets since initiating a heavy push notifications protocol.

Use the resources at hand

When introducing your app to your practice, Kate recommended the following:

    • Watch the training videos: You’ll be more prepared about what to expect when your app is live and ready for download.
    • Have a launch party with your team: Share your excitement about your app with your team by introducing it during a launch party. You’ll get more engagement from your team when you pair it with something fun. Take this time to hammer out any problems you may encounter and answer any questions your team has.
    • Soft launch the app to pre-selected clients: Take a week or more to invite long-time and loyal clients to download and try the app out. These are clients you can trust to give you honest feedback and it will give your team a chance to use the app in a real life situation.

"You have nothing to lose and the possibilities are endless with the app. Go for it!"

Practice Manager Kate Duncan

Shannon Clarke is an App Success Coach at Vet2Pet and loves helping practices achieve optimal communication with their clients through today’s technology. She can be reached at

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