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Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital in Saint Johns, Florida has had the Vet2Pet app for their practice since February, 2018. Within the first year of using their app, more than 40% of their clients had downloaded the app, and their loyalty program had generated more than a $348,000 revenue boost from their already established clients.

Request features reduce the number of phone calls

We spoke with Amanda, their practice manager to learn more about how the app has helped them and their clients, and what they have done to make it such a success. The team likes how convenient the app is for clients , particularly the appointment and refill request feature. The ability to notify clients that their refills are ready for pickup has eliminated the need for many phone calls back to clients.

Use your loyalty program to reward your clients

Another popular feature of their app is the loyalty program. Clients love being rewarded for their purchases and will commonly spend more if they are close to reaching another stamp. Amanda said it’s nice to be able to reward their clients and see how happy it makes them. Because of these rewards, clients regularly recommend friends to the practice.

Talk about your app constantly to your clients

We asked Amanda how they have been so successful in getting the team and clients engaged with the app. Besides advertising their app in their newsletter and on social media, discussion about their app starts the moment the client walks in the door. Clients are given information by the reception team on the front end of their appointment and are encouraged to download the app while they are waiting for the doctor. The technicians follow up and confirm if the client has downloaded the app and offer assistance if needed. At the end of the appointment, clients are given their loyalty stamps after they check out at the reception desk.

Not sure if an app is right for your practice?

Amanda will testify that it’s not difficult at all, and it has made things easier. Once clients see how easy the app is to use, they become loyal to it, and continue using it. This allows the practice team to manage their incoming requests when it’s convenient for them.

“It will only enhance your practice.”

In this day and age, people want to do things quickly and from the palm of their hand. They don’t want to wait or have to call businesses to get things done. As a clinic, Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital recognizes that times are really changing. They believe that if clients have confidence that their practice is advanced enough to have a mobile app, they also trust that they are practicing up-to-date medicine as well.

Karyn Ekola, CVPM is VP of Product at Vet2Pet and a strong advocate of using technology to improve veterinary practice efficiencies. She can be reached at

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