Practice Spotlight: Westosha Veterinary Hospital

By Amy Patterson

Westosha Veterinary Hospital in Salem, Wisconsin, has had great success with their app since joining Vet2Pet in early 2018. The team has an impressive 47% of their client database using their app. Even more, 81% of those clients are active with the loyalty program, earning Westosha over $200k in additional revenue within the first year. They have over 660 order requests and 400 appointment requests, cutting down the number of phone calls tremendously, making for happy pet owners AND a happy team.

The passion and culture at Westosha Veterinary Hospital has much to do with how successful they have been with their app. We sat down with Dr. Lux and Mindy CVT to learn more about what they did and how the app has changed their practice entirely for the better.

“The app has made us stand out from other practices and has made it easier for our clients. The biggest thing is that the app has improved our practice but still provides clients with the care and communication they want.”

Mary Sue Lux, DVM

It’s about turning clients into family

Having been at the practice for 30 years, Dr. Lux feels like most of her clients are family. She has seen patients for the entirety of their lives, from their first vet visit to their last. In today’s world, clients view their pets as their children and expect them to be treated like so. They crave a connection with their veterinarian, a connection that includes the feeling of trust and inclusion. They expect to be more than just a number. They want to walk through that door at any given day and feel important.

It’s the passion of the entire Westosha team to ensure that every client receives this experience, whether they’ve been a client for 30 years or 30 days.

It’s about how you communicate

Mindy CVT says, “If you want to keep up with the times you really need to connect with people where they are.” This could not be more true.

All age groups use their smartphones to communicate. People’s entire lives revolve around their phones. Open up any person’s phone and more than likely you will see an app for everythingemail, calendars, contacts, doctor’s offices, GPS, music, shopping sites, the list goes on and on.

With so many apps out there competing for space, you have to work harder than ever to convince someone to download your app.

At Westosha, the team has been taught to explain to their clients why they need the app. Why it will be beneficial to them and not just the practice. They explain how it will save the client money and be a one-stop-shop for anything they need for their pet, like medical records and appointment and order requests, just to name a few. It’s this kind of communication that has led to their impressive number of downloads.

It’s about thinking outside of the box

The team at Westosha is in the service business. They strive to make everything they do as easy as possible for their clients. So, when their app went live, they started to think about how they could use the app in different ways. One thing they do is send lab results to clients through the app. This way pet owners can get an update after hours or over the weekend and not have to sit and worry until the office opens again. They also use the push notifications feature to send surgical patient updates so that they remain in constant contact with their clients.

Another unique and different thing they do is use stamps to reward any behavior they want to encourage, beyond just spending money at the hospital. One example of this is encouraging donations to their city’s community food drive. If a client donates to the food drive, they receive a stamp, benefiting not just their clients but the community as well.

It’s about doing more than just mentioning the app

Remember that your app is only as successful as you make it. Utilize every tool out there, every strategy and idea to help you and your team. When you find something that works, grow and nurture it. Sometimes, it can be as simple as talking with your team about how to communicate about the app to your clients. Other times, it can be stepping into your client’s shoes and thinking about what they would want from the app. Adopt some of Westosha’s ideas if you need inspiration and think they may work with your hospital’s culture and clientele.

Amy Patterson previously served on the Vet2Pet team as the VP of Sales. She believed in the power of technology to make the lives of pets, owners, and veterinarians better. Questions about this blog? Email

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