The Emoji Reminder System

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Seamlessly remind your clients of upcoming appointments and health services that are due, without lifting a finger! The new Emoji Reminder System automatically pushes notifications to your clients via your app.

Multiple ways to connect

For clients who haven’t downloaded your app, and if you’d like to increase your reach by sending reminders through more than one channel, you now have the option to send email and postcard* reminders as well.



*a customized estimate will be provided after connecting to your practice PIMS and verifying the quantity of postcards to be mailed.

Key features:

1 Your brand is front and center
2 Emojis differentiate your communications
3 Personalized with pet selfies uploaded by the pet owner to the app
4 Streamlined visual design communicates quickly and effectively
5 One-click appointment confirmations

Track all confirmations in our cloud-based dashboard

It’s so easy to see how the program is performing; conveniently access your dashboard at any time! Receptionists can quickly see who has confirmed their appointment via their mobile app or email. And, if your team is also calling to confirm appointments, you can track results in your dashboard too.


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