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Whether you’re an ambulatory veterinarian going to your patients, or you’re part of a large specialty equine center, the Vet2Pet all-in-one client connection platform allows you to customize your practice app so it fits your needs.

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Custom Branding

Showcase your practice’s name, icon, and colors

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Strengthen your brand (and your bond with clients)

Provide a customized, personalized brand experience for horse owners with your very own app. Your practice’s name and logo or icon will be displayed on the App and Google Play stores, making it easy for your clients to find and download your app so they can connect with you.

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Appointment Management

Make scheduling a breeze with your virtual receptionist working 24/7

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Reduce phone calls and elevate the client experience

Helpful to any equine practitioner, the appointments feature allows clients to request, confirm, and cancel appointments—unless the appointment is less than 24 hours away—directly through your app. With your phone traffic diverted, you can focus on the horses you’re helping, not your constantly ringing phone.

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2-Way Chat

Care for your patients anytime, anywhere

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Bring your patients to you (and stop giving clients your personal cell phone number)

With 2-Way Chat, you can exchange chat messages, photos, videos, and documents with horse owners. Chats can be initiated by you or the client, and you can control when you’ll allow incoming chats. Triage horses via 2-Way Chat to avoid unnecessary house calls, or texts to your personal cell phone, saving you time, and saving your clients money.

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equine app invoicing and payment

Virtual Payment

Safely, securely, and conveniently collect payment

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Get paid quicker and easier

No more waiting weeks for your invoices to be paid! Our partnership with Gravity Payments means you can collect payment truckside at the time of the call, or any time after the appointment. Use 2-Way Chat to easily send your invoice, and your client can pay directly through the app.

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Reminder Management System

Choose when and how to send health service reminders to all your clients

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Customize your reminders to fit your workflow

With this robust reminder system, you can send email, text, and app notifications about upcoming and past-due health services on your own schedule, so horses get the care they need when they need it. Reminders can be sent to all your clients, even those who haven’t downloaded your app.

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Pharmacy Requests

Give your online store (and your revenue) a boost

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Make ordering medications and supplements easy

Leverage your online pharmacy partner to allow horse owners to order prescription refills when and how it’s convenient for them, directly through your practice app.

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Your practice’s marketing assistant

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Deliver the right messages to the right clients at the right times

Raise your communication game. Send branded, one-way marketing and educational messages to all clients, or specific groups of clients. Notifications can be deployed immediately, scheduled, or recurring, and can include relevant promotions, or important updates about outbreaks, travel restrictions, and equine events.

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Loyalty Program

Drive appointments during the slow season

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Reward your best clients, and reward yourself with increased revenue

Built-in and customizable so it best suits your needs, your reward program can be used to help balance your workflow throughout the year. Drive wellness visits and dental care, and promote ancillary products and services, like chiropractic care and supplements, during the slower months. Reward for dollars spent, services purchased, referrals, online reviews, or any other behavior you want to drive, so you can increase compliance and improve your bottom line. The Loyalty Management Tool allows you to quickly and easily reconcile transactions and rewards from one simple, yet comprehensive, report, saving you time.

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Horse Selfies

Engage clients and strengthen your social media presence

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Let clients share the beauty of their horses

Share the heartwarming stories and beautiful images of the horses you see each day. Clients love uploading photos of their horses, and they make great social media content for you to share. Build community as horse owners view selfies submitted and “heart” their faves. The selfie leaderboard displays the top 5, and the winner is featured in the app the following month.

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Dedicated Support

Your “from-the-trenches” team has your back

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Get the support you need from our team of DVMs, CVPMs, and RVTs

Vet2Pet’s team of veterinary professionals understands practice life, and our unrivalled support and training sets you up for maximum success with your Vet2Pet platform! From day one, your dedicated success coach will guide you to a smooth launch of your app and support you with best practices to gain adoption. You’ll also have access to Vet2Pet’s team of DVM advisors on telemedicine, social media, and loyalty. And the Vet2Pet All Access private Facebook group provides an inspirational peer network.

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"When I tell new clients to download my app, they are always impressed that my practice HAS an app. Then, after they download the app, they are blown away at all the things they can do. They love the idea of chatting through the app, especially in a telehealth way. They can send me photos and videos so I can assess different conditions and be able to say I really need to see your horse."
Allen Landes, DVM
Practice owner of Equine Medical Services

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