Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What softwares do you integrate with for PetSync?

ClienTrax (partial)
Complete Clinic
DVM Manager
Impromed Infinity
Intravet SQL
Triple Crown
V-Tech Platinum

What is the process to get an app?

Go to the Sign up page on our website to trigger your new app. The subscription starts once your app is live in the App Store and Play Store which is generally in 30 to 60 days.

What does the subscription cover?

The most current app operating systems with 99% uptime on 99% of smartphone devices, new innovations as we roll them out (and we have some really cool stuff coming out!), assistance with your loyalty program, loyalty program revenue review, and app performance stats.

What are the main differences between Vet2Pet and the other guys?

Besides being veterinarians (like you) that have developed this product from the trenches, we are able to offer a custom icon for your practice (this is a very big deal in bonding clients) and your own location in the App Store and Play Store. We also offer a virtual loyalty card which can start generating happiness and revenue for your practice immediately. And, our cloud based platform offers you custom branding but also immediate access to ongoing innovations from our team. But the main benefit in choosing Vet2Pet is that we truly care about your success and helping patients receive the best care possible!

How do you know how to code an app and be a veterinarian?

I had the idea of wanting an app for my hospital so the first draft was a DIY online generic app. After it was so successful, I hired developers to build me what I wanted.

Can I have multiple locations in one app?

Yes. But it requires all location to have a shared practice management database. Otherwise we offer special pricing for each location to have their own app.

Can I customize the loyalty program?

Absolutely. However, we have a tried and true core program that is our favorite and the our only recommendation. We want you to succeed and in our vast experience, this is the way to do it. We can help you customize a plan around the core program that will meet your needs. Just contact us… we’re experts in this.


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