Drive visits and increase pet owner compliance

A built-in loyalty program proven to boost revenue by an average of over $100,000

Cultivate more loyalty with your best clients. The built-in, customizable rewards program comes loaded with all the fun game elements that make loyalty programs successful and drive compliance.

Review Us Screen


Clients can now review your services in the app and earn a loyalty stamp for doing so. Reviews with good ratings automatically get pushed to Google or Yelp.

“Nearly 90% of our app users are engaged with our loyalty program and in three years our practice revenue has grown by 64% per year on average. We couldn’t be happier!”

– Jessica Speas, CVPM, Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital

Your veterinary practice app comes loaded with many awesome features!

Below are some of the highlights.

Stand out from the competition

YOUR App, YOUR brand, YOUR data!
Provide a customized, personalized brand experience for your clients with your very own app. Your practice’s name and logo will be displayed on the App and Google Play stores, making it easy for your clients to find and download your app and connect with your practice.

Learn more about what’s new in our Roxy Platform 

Boston Street Animal Hospital

“One of the best things we have done for our practice. Our clients love it!”

– Donna William, Boston Street Animal Hospital

Stand out from the competition


More efficient and effective communication with clients


More efficient and effective communication with clients

With branded, one-way notifications

From your cloud-based management dashboard, it’s really easy to communicate with clients about anything from their pet being out of surgery to sharing an education article after an exam. One of the core features of the app; notifications let you communicate with all clients, select groups or individuals. Want to send photos or PDFs? No problem!

Broadway Pet Hospital

“The dashboard is really user-friendly. We LOVE the push-notifications.”

– Monica (Receptionist), Broadway Pet Hospital

Elevate the client experience

And save staff time too–dramatically reduce the number of phone calls!
Increase client visits by opening a new booking channel. Clients can request appointments without having to call. And you can upgrade to real-time appointment scheduling if you have Cornerstone or AVImark.

Learn more about what’s new in our Roxy Platform 

Sugar Creek Animal Clinic

"Our clients LOVE it. They love to be able to request appointments as well as RX orders."

– Teresa Williams, Sugar Creek Animal Clinic

Elevate the client experience


Your clients can manage their pets’ healthcare right in the app

manage pets health

Your clients can manage their pets’ healthcare right in the app

Because the app integrates with your practice management software, clients can easily see when their pet is due for upcoming services, schedule appointments and even get automatic reminders from their app. This empowers clients and means fewer phone calls and staff resources on your end!

Learn more about what’s new in our Roxy Platform 

pikes peak icon

“We have obtained many new clients who are looking for high tech, high touch and love our Vet2Pet App. Good technology is good for business!”

– Dr. Melanie A. Marsden, Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic

Increase your pharmacy revenue

Make it quick and easy for clients to refill prescriptions!
Allow your clients to order when and how it’s convenient for them. They can simply snap and upload a photo of the medicine they need.

Learn more about what’s new in our Roxy Platform 


“The refills feature makes things much easier for clients and staff. No need to call anyone, order as soon as you remember, regardless of the time of day. Just love it!”

– Trisha Rodney Merchant-Animal Hospital of Pensacola

Increase your pharmacy revenue


Strengthen your social media presence with engaging content

Strengthen your social media presence with engaging content

Share the heartwarming stories of the patients you see each day. Clients LOVE uploading their pet selfies and they make great social media content!

Learn more about what’s new in our Roxy Platform 

Manheim Pike Vet Hospital

“My favorite part is seeing the selfies that our clients send in of their pets! Definitely recommend for any veterinary office!"

– Michelle Resh, Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital

Assistance with implementation and team buy-in of the app

We’re here to help you become a master with your app!

Our “from the trenches” team is here to support your success every step of the way. You’ll get:

  • Customized marketing materials to help you promote the app, available directly from the Vet2Pet marketplace
  • One-on-one training with your own coach
  • A variety of fun training options and formats
  • App launch toolkit
  • Staff engagement programs
  • FREE quarterly CE
  • Network with other Vet2Pet practices on our Facebook All Access private group

Learn more about what’s new in our Roxy Platform 

Princeton Animal Hospital

“The Vet2Pet website, their app training, marketing materials and customer service are top notch!”

– Donna Lloyd, HM @ Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic

Assistance with implementation and team buy-in of the app

App Class

See how the app will help achieve your practice goals

Coming Soon!

Loyalty program integration with Vetsource.

Includes automatic sign on for the user and loyalty stamps applied for online purchases over $100.

App chat.

Two-way chat with your clients from your practice admin dashboard through the mobile app. 

Roll over texting.

“Roll-over texting” will ensure the pet owners will get your message even if they haven’t downloaded your app.

Additional Vet2Pet features and benefits

  • Email and postcard reminders
  • Emoji reminder system
  • Targeted notifications
  • Quick and easy food and medication refills
  • Vet2Pet provided options for push notifications
  • Custom list notifications
  • Current email list for your clients
  • Email collection reports including unsubscribe or blocked list
  • Pet weight, microchip and Rabies # imported from PMS
  • Upcoming and past due reminders
  • Customizable loyalty stamps and rewards
  • Auto-prompt for other pets that are past due during appointment booking
  • Appointment confirmations via push notification +/- email
  • Upcoming appointments imported from PMS
  • Information library and resources for pet owners
  • Family share: all pet owner family members can access the same app
  • Built-in social media sharing
  • App performance stats
  • Appointment requests
  • Loyalty program monthly performance stats in your dashboard
  • Ability to easily customize your app
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based management dashboard
  • Build your online reputation by rewarding reviews
  • Integration with other services such as Zipwhip (or other texting software), Vetstoria (or other direct appointment booking service), Vetsource (or other online pharmacy), poison control, pet owner credit resources and much more!

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