Push Notifications

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Push notifications are messages that can be sent from your practice to anyone who has downloaded your app. Keep your clients informed in a way that is much easier than calling or emailing! You can send a push notification to everyone who has your app, to a specific group, and to just one client with Personal Notifications.

NEW! Vet2Pet has just released two new types of group notifications: breed specific and custom lists.

Now your practice can use your app to send targeted notifications to over 100 canine and 10 feline breeds. This new feature is unique to the Vet2Pet app. And with custom list notifications, you can select specific groups of clients to send quick, targeted messages to.

Here are a few examples of notifications you can send with this powerful tool:

Push Notifications Screenshot


“Time to give your monthly parasite prevention today!”

NEW! Group

Breed specific target group (Ex. Labrador Retrievers):

“Is your Lab slowing down? If so, make sure you have them tested for hypothyroidism. It’s common in Labs and easily treated.”

NEW! Group

Custom list to all patients who haven’t had a heartworm test:

“It’s time for your pet to have a heartworm test!”


All dog owners:

“Don’t forget to give your Kennel Cough vaccine if you are boarding your dog for the holidays”



Important Stuff

Here are just a few ways you can use Personal Notifications:

  • Updates on patient surgeries
  • Welcome new clients post-visit and direct them to your website for more information
  • Doctor follow-up messages
  • Notify of an appointment delay when the doctor is running late
  • Share links to health articles and videos
Save money

Generate revenue with Push Notifications

Use notifications to generate revenue with hospital promotions or “hot deals”! Some tips:

  • Develop promotions that feature high value procedures (ex: $50 off dental cleanings)
  • Create a sense of urgency with a limited time offer
  • Limit the frequency of your promotions and randomize the timing to increase uptake
  • Coordinate your promotion with a community event (i.e. donations for food bank for a free vaccine with Wellness Exam)
  • Track your app promotion redemptions with a special code in your software. This will allow you to evaluate results per promotion and determine what works best for your practice.