“You can tell a veterinarian designed this.”

— Dr. Daniel Shy, Starkville Veterinary Hospital

…and other nice things Vet2Pet’s customers have said

Vet2Pet's Google Reviews

5.0 Technical Services

Susan Fallis


“We love Vet2Pet, and so do our clients. They get so excited to use their loyalty stamps. They are able to request appointments, and order medications and food, all with a click on their phones. Customer service is fantastic—they are very quick to answer all questions, and the quarterly check-ins with our coach Brad are great. I can’t say enough about this app. But wait, there’s more! It’s developed by a veterinarian who loves feedback and is always staying ahead of the game and improving the platform. We love you!”

Reese Tipton


“We have been using this app for several years now, and it continues to grow and evolve with the current needs of veterinary medicine. Such a game changer for our clinic and clients.”

Christina Rodriguez


“I’ve been so impressed with Vet2Pet so far! I love that everyone I’ve talked to has come from a vet clinic and really understands the flow and what really helps us out. It definitely sets them apart!”

Melisha Rynearson


“Vet2Pet allows us to personalize the client’s experience before they’ve even stepped foot into our clinic, and it enhances the experience for our existing clientele. If you want something, tell the Vet2Pet team and they will get to work on ways to make it happen! Since working with Vet2Pet, our team and clients have been able to keep up with how we are functioning, and it has enhanced a lot of our curbside and surgical experiences as well. Thank you for working so hard. We appreciate your entire team!”

Johnathan Ellermann


“This app has kept our clients more engaged and compliant with their pets’ preventives and annual care. Almost half of our appointments are now made through our app, which saves us time and keeps clients happy. The Vet2Pet support team is quick to help with questions and technical support. Clients love the loyalty program, which has also increased revenue and compliance. I can’t say enough about how this app has helped our business. We love it! Our clients love it!”

Dee Herman


“We love how user friendly this app is for us and our clients! It streamlines a lot of the CSR tasks and cuts the time required for them almost in half, which gives them more time to focus on helping patients and clients.”

Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic


“We love our Vet2Pet app! Clients love the loyalty program, and we appreciate receiving prescription and appointment requests through the app. Chatting with clients this way is sometimes the only way we get to talk with certain clients. We have almost 2,500 clients using our app, and add more every day! Thank you, Vet2Pet!”

Amy Robl


“Functional and well-designed app for clients with great client service and continuing education for those in the veterinary industry.”

Kara Keesling


“I never used Vet2Pet before I came to work at my current clinic, and guess what… I was blown away by all the awesome features and tools we can utilize through Vet2Pet! Not only are they easy to learn, but they are also incredibly helpful at saving that precious commodity we never seem to have enough of: time. I highly recommend getting your paws on Vet2Pet ASAP!”

Vet2Pet is part of our team. You guys are doing amazing things, and truly are making lives better for us and for the clients. That can’t be understated.
Dr. Paul Chard
Cattleman’s Resource Inc.
I love that most everything is customizable and is fitted to your brand. They become part of your clinic—it doesn’t seem like outsourcing.
Tanika Koster
Creekside Animal Hospital
Vet2Pet is so progressive and listens to our ideas! The app has been a lifesaver for us.
Chelsie Roberge
Prairie Animal Hospital
This has been a lifesaver. I can’t thank Vet2Pet enough for the development of this platform. We have over 2,000 people connected, and they are busy with messages and selfies all day long!
Dr. Amy Tate
Riverview Animal Clinic
The Loyalty Program has been amazing. Clients will keep adding on to their invoice to reach that $100 mark! A direct link to Vetsource has been wonderful as well. The more clients we get ordering from our online pharmacy, the less we have to spend on inventory.
Dana Shaffer
Brodie Animal Hospital
It is so much more convenient having all my clinic’s needs taken care of under one application. My clients love to share pictures of their fur babies and love being able to text via the chat option.
Tessie Sloan
Midlothian Veterinary Clinic
“As much as Vet2Pet is a business and wants to make money, their #1 goal is that their app is promoting your brand first. It’s much easier to tell clients to just look for our logo, rather than some other company’s logo, and clients are more trusting of this process as well. Vet2Pet allows us to personalize the client’s experience with us before they’ve even stepped foot into our office. Clients bury the postcard or email, but when the push notification comes through on their phone and it prompts them to make an appointment, BOOM. They do it.”
Melisha Rynearson
Adel Veterinary Clinic
Vet2Pet is constantly transforming to meet the needs of clinics and clients. I am so thankful that we were on board before COVID so that we were able to utilize the Vet2Pet technology throughout. Vet2Pet is more than a loyalty program. It’s a must-have tool for every practice.
Sara El-Mehdi
Arrow Veterinary Clinic
The customer service is excellent. I appreciate that Vet2Pet has helped us keep our head above water during crazy times. It’s great that Vet2Pet took some of the strain off me and allowed me to focus on other things that were needed. Adding Virtual Payment, 2-Way Chat, and Visit Tracker for curbside check-in all in one easy-access place has been a game changer. Plus, our clients love it!
Rebecca McIntyre
Sunderland Animal Hospital

Spotlighting Vet2Pet Practices

Get inspired with these success stories.

Shaffer Animal Hospital

This hospital team is receiving more than 500 requests through their app each month, and they’re saving a ton of time.

Rowan Animal Clinic

Using the 2-Way Chat feature, Rowan Animal Clinic sends updates about hospitalized patients and provides peace of mind for clients.

Gulf Island Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Tedder of Gulf Island Veterinary Clinic loves that she gets a transcript of chat messages that can be saved in the patient’s medical record.

Kalihi Pet Clinic

Kalihi Pet Clinic is processing more than 900 appointments per month through their app!

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