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The Vet2Pet all-in-one client connection platform offers many smart features—but we know you’re smarter than we are about what works in your practice. That’s why we’ve built flexibility into the platform, giving you the ability to customize your practice app to deliver the client experience you want. 

Your practice is unique, so your app should be too.

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New! Visit Tracker

Provide the best of both worlds—curbside and in-hospital client experiences

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Offer the components of curbside care that your clients want

Consumers have become accustomed to curbside services, and businesses of all kinds have made curbside services standard. Now, your hospital can benefit from continuing to offer curbside services in some capacity. With Visit Tracker, clients can easily check in from the comfort of their vehicle and request curbside service for food or medication pick-ups, patient drop-offs and pick-ups, and more, elevating the client experience. A customizable check-in form is delivered to your team via desktop and/or email notification. A team member can be assigned to a patient, each patient’s status can be updated and tracked throughout the appointment for visibility to the entire team, and clients can be updated on their pet’s status in real time.

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Custom Branding

Your practice’s app—showcasing your name, icon, and colors

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Keeping your brand strong

Provide a customized, personalized brand experience for your clients with your very own app. Your practice’s name and logo or icon will be displayed on the App and Google Play stores, making it easy for your clients to find and download your app so they can connect with your practice.

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“We love that we were able to customize the app. Our brand is very important to us, and it’s well-known in our community. We were able to design the smartphone app icon using our own brand graphics, and name the app with our practice name. Vet2Pet is not cookie-cutter like most apps.”

Jennifer Knudsen  |  Animal Clinic in Sussex

“I absolutely love that it is my logo on client’s phones. It makes my heart happy that 900 of my clients have my logo on their phone instead of another company’s app. It’s the best!”

– Julie Miles, DVM  |  Compassionate Care Animal Hospital

2-Way Chat

Care for your patients anytime, anywhere

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Minimize phone calls and handle more cases

Provide exceptional client service in a more efficient way. With 2-Way Chat, you can exchange chat messages, photos, videos, and documents with clients. Chats can be initiated by the practice or the pet owner, and all chat transcripts can be downloaded and saved in your practice management software, with cloud-hosted images and video, putting less strain on your servers. Successful practices report that they can handle three chats in the same time that one phone call typically takes. And, unlike text messaging, you’ll know who your chats are coming from, your clients will not incur data charges, and there are no file size limitations.

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“We’ve had multiple clients tell us that they love the chat feature. It’s truly a game changer!”

— Linda Pfughaupt  |   Southampton Veterinary Clinic

Loyalty Program

Drive visits and increase pet owner compliance

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A built-in Loyalty Program proven to boost revenue by an average of 6.4%

Cultivate more loyalty with your best clients. This built-in, customizable rewards program ranges from fully automated to fully interactive—we can help you choose the program that’s right for your practice. Reward for dollars spent, referrals, online reviews, or any other behavior you want to drive. And, this revenue-generating program comes with all the fun game elements that make loyalty programs successful and drive compliance so you can increase compliance and improve your bottom line. The Loyalty Management Tool allows you to quickly and easily reconcile transactions and rewards from one simple, yet comprehensive, report, saving you time.

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“Nearly 90% of our app users are engaged with our loyalty program, and in three years our practice revenue has grown by 64% per year on average. We couldn’t be happier!”

— Jessica Speas, CVPM  |  Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital

“Nearly 90% of our app users are engaged with our loyalty program and in three years our practice revenue has grown by 64% per year on average. We couldn’t be happier!”

– Jessica Speas, CVPM  |  Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital

Virtual Payment

A safe, secure, and convenient way to collect payment

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Enjoy the convenience of contactless payments

Our partnership with Gravity Payments means your team can collect payments virtually through your app. This versatile payment solution allows you to easily invoice and collect deposits for hospitalized patients, as well as payments for curbside and virtual care, prescription refills, and more.

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“Virtual Payment has increased our efficiency, especially during surgery discharges. It has also increased security for our clients as they are no longer giving out their card info.”

— Sara Karasinski  |  Arrow Veterinary Clinic


Your practice’s marketing assistant

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Deliver the right messages to the right clients at the right times

Raise your communication game. Send branded, one-way marketing and educational messages to all clients, or specific groups of clients. Notifications can be deployed immediately, scheduled, or recurring, and can include relevant promotions, important updates about your practice, heartworm preventive and other reminders, photos or PDFs, and more. Send as many notifications as you want, with no wait times or limitations.

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“Our millennial clients love how we send personalized messages to them through the app.”

— Melanie Marsden, DVM  |  Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic

“I love the ease of giving my clients updates on their hospitalized pets while they are in for surgery.”

– Natasha Lutz  |  Mystic Veterinary Hospital

Reminder Management System

Choose when and how to send health services reminders to all your clients

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Customize your reminders to fit your practice’s workflow

Vet2Pet now features a robust reminder management system that ensures all your clients are reached, even those without your hospital app. Send email, text, and app notifications about upcoming and past-due health services on your own schedule, so your patients get the care they need when they need it. Pair the optimal reminder type with the appropriate cadence to encourage more clients to schedule their pet’s health services on time.

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“Our team loves Vet2Pet’s custom reminders. We are able to decide what reminders we want to send, as well as when and to whom we want to send them! Thanks to the reminders, we’re seeing an increase in compliance and return visits.”

— Lindsay Mamula, DVM, CVPM, CVFT, Owner  | Veterinary Center of Parker

Pharmacy Requests

Move over Chewy! Time to take the pharmacy back

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A quick, easy way for clients to refill prescriptions

Allow your clients to order prescription refills when and how it’s convenient for them. They can simply snap and upload a photo of the medication they need. If you have an online pharmacy, you can allow them to choose between pickup and delivery, and they can use the Virtual Payment feature to conveniently and securely pay through your app.

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“The refills feature makes things so much easier for clients and staff. No need to call anyone—, order as soon as you remember, regardless of the time of day. Just love it!”

— Trisha Rodney Merchant  |  Animal Hospital of Pensacola

“My favorite part is seeing the selfies that our clients send in of their pets! Definitely recommend for any veterinary office!”

– Michelle Resh  |  Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital

Pet Selfies

Strengthen your social media presence with engaging content

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Share the love and spread the cuteness of your client’s pets

Share the heartwarming stories of the patients you see each day. Clients love uploading their pet selfies, and they make great social media content. Build community as pet owners view selfies submitted and “heart” their faves. The selfie leaderboard displays the top 5, and the winner is featured in the app for the next month.

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“We have the pet selfie carousel playing on a big screen, and our clients always ask how their pet can be included. We tell them to download the app and send us a photo. It allows us to connect with them in a more meaningful way.”

— Dana  |  The Veterinary Hospital

Appointment Management

Your virtual receptionist working 24/7 to make scheduling a breeze

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Reduce phone calls and elevate the client experience

Boost compliance and make scheduling a breeze—for your team, and your clients. Clients can request, confirm, and cancel appointments—unless the appointment is less than 24 hours away—directly through your app. And, you can receive email and dashboard alerts informing you of the changes. When appointments are confirmed, clients will be notified if there are any other pets in the family who are past-due for services. You can easily set and adjust the types of appointments you’re offering, and upgrade to real-time appointment scheduling if you use Cornerstone or AVImark.

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“The appointment request feature provides plenty of fields
for the owner to specify when they’d like to come in, which
makes scheduling much easier!”

– Emily Griffin  |  Shaffer Animal Hospital

“The appointment request feature provides plenty of fields for the owner to specify when they’d like to come in, which makes scheduling much easier!”

– Emily Griffin  |  Shaffer Animal Hospital

“Just wanted to say how much we LOVE the new review feature! We have been regularly getting 5-star reviews.”

– LaDawna Lawton  |  Karing for Kreatures Veterinary Clinic

Online Reviews

Get more 5-star reviews

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Boost your online reputation through your app

Clients can share their rating and comments about your service in the app, and you can choose to reward them with a loyalty stamp. Positive reviews are automatically pushed to the social platform of your choice, while “less happy” ratings and comments are displayed in the dashboard only.

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“Just wanted to say how much we LOVE the new review feature! We have been regularly getting 5-star reviews.”

— LaDawna Lawton  |  Karing for Kreatures Veterinary Clinic

App Academy

All the resources and training you need at your fingertips

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Master your app

Don’t miss this powerful online tool that will guide you—and your entire team—to success with your app. You’ll love the app success training modules for veterinarians, practice managers, nurses, and receptionists—with prizes for each team member who completes their module! The RACE-approved or CVPM Qualified CE masterclasses provide relevant CE, and the marketing module includes digital marketing assets designed to help you promote your app. App Academy also includes access to Vet2Pet’s team of Success Coaches and expert DVM advisors.

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“I’ve done a lot of online training for different platforms, and they’ve never been as engaging as Vet2Pet’s App Academy. They make it SO easy to learn.”

— Ashley Winton  |  Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital

“We love our APP!! It makes us more efficient and you made it easy for my team to learn how to use it. And of course, we love all the updates and learning tools.”

Laura Tavares  |  Kaka’ako Pet Hospital

“V2P is a great app and their team’s solution-based service is legondary!”

Natalie Borgardt   |  Animal Care Clinic (CA)

Dedicated Support

Your “from-the-trenches” team has your back

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Get the support you need from our team of DVMs, CVPMs, and RVTs

Vet2Pet’s team of veterinary professionals understands practice life, and our unrivalled support and training sets you up for maximum success with your Vet2Pet platform! From day one, your dedicated success coach will guide you to a smooth launch of your app and support you with best practices to gain adoption. You’ll also have access to Vet2Pet’s team of DVM advisors on telemedicine, social media, and loyalty. And the Vet2Pet All Access private Facebook group provides an inspirational peer network.

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“I cannot say enough good things about these folks. They’ve been the most helpful, responsive, and amazing people I’ve worked with. I would HIGHLY recommend this platform to anyone!”

— Tara  |  Southpoint Animal Hospital

Smart ways to spread the word about your app's smart features

marketing tool kit

Marketing tools to let your clients know about your app

You need to promote app downloads and increase adoption, and we’ve got your back! In addition to the digital marketing assets that can be found in App Academy, we have plenty of printed and digital marketing materials that are customized to your practice with your branding, available in our marketplace, including rack cards, QR code stickers, parking lot signs, posters, buttons, window decals, and more.

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