Vet2Pet Telemedicine Options for Your Practice

At Vet2Pet, we strive to be the all-in-one client communication platform connecting veterinary practices and their clients, by delivering a branded, personalized loyalty experience. With the recent onset of new demands on practices with decreased in-person visits, Vet2Pet has launched the following telemedicine options:

2-Way App Chat

This feature allows two-way messaging between the mobile app and admin dashboard. Pet owners can initiate a chat, rate the urgency and submit photos and videos to your practice. The practice receives those messages in the Vet2Pet admin dashboard, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime on desktop or mobile. Each practice can choose who to offer App Chat to—all app users, only pet owners with an exam in last 12 months, or by individual selection. And, your practice can decide to charge clients per individual chat, for monthly unlimited chat or not at all.

Asynchronous Video

With this feature, pet owners can upload videos or photos of their pet, and veterinarians can share video summaries of the pet’s visit or a review of labwork or x-rays using Loom. Secure, compressed videos are sent back and forth between the client and the practice, and all videos and photos are permanently stored in both the user’s app and the practice’s dashboard.

Virtual Payment

Now your practice can capture payment through the app for telemedicine consultations and curbside care as needed. The virtual payment experience will provide a simplified checkout process for pet owners and promote social distancing for your team. Current merchant fees may apply but there is no additional charge from Vet2Pet for your practice to utilize this feature.

Vet2Pet Hires Telemedicine Coach for Our Clients

Vet2Pet is very pleased to announce that Dr. Crista Wallis has joined our team in a new role as Telemedicine Coach. Dr. Crista is a telemedicine expert and is available to coach Vet2Pet clients on telemedicine at no additional charge—it’s yet another service that we’re offering to help your practice right now and is included as part of your subscription for the app. 

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