Vet2Pet Telemedicine Options for Your Veterinary Practice

As the only customizable, all-in-one client engagement platform, Vet2Pet connects veterinary practices and their clients. Designed by veterinarians, for veterinarians, the features of the Vet2Pet platform help to promote regular client communication, nurture the bond between pet owners and veterinary practices, increase client loyalty, increase practice efficiency and revenue, and more. As the demand for virtual appointments has increased, we’ve developed additional features that will help you successfully implement telemedicine in your practice.

2-Way App Chat

Ready for a more efficient and convenient way to communicate with clients? Whether it’s used during telemedicine appointments, or simply to reduce your incoming and outgoing phone calls, our 2-Way Chat feature allows your clients and your team to exchange text, photos, and videos, through your hospital app. And, all messages are saved in the cloud, so they can be accessed anywhere, anytime. You can choose specific clients or groups of clients to use 2-Way Chat, and you can choose how you’d like to charge clients for the service.

Asynchronous Video

Using 2-Way Chat through your hospital app, your clients can take a video of a pet’s condition when it happens, rather than trying to capture it during a live video consultation. With our Asynchronous Video feature, clients can share the video with you, and you can respond virtually with a video of your own. Each chat allows for up to 30 minutes of secure, compressed video files, and all videos and photos are permanently stored in the user’s app and the practice’s dashboard.

Virtual Payment

Why exchange credit cards and cash when you can collect payment virtually through your hospital app? Whether your clients are paying for telemedicine consultations, curbside or traditional appointments, prescription refills, or another product or service, Virtual Payment is a safe and secure way to simplify the checkout process. Merchant fees are 3.5% + 10 cents per transaction, with no additional charges from Vet2Pet, so more of the money you earn will end up in your business’ bank account.

Meet Vet2Pet’s Telemedicine Coach

Telemedicine expert Crista Wallis, DVM, has joined the Vet2Pet team as a telemedicine coach. She is available to consult Vet2Pet clients on telemedicine at no additional charge—it’s yet another service that we’re offering to help your practice, and it’s included as part of your subscription for the app.

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