Turn your parking lot into a waiting room with Vet2Pet’s Visit Tracker

Retain the components of curbside care that your clients want, and make life easier for your team

Your team worked hard to implement curbside protocols in 2020. Now it’s clear that pet owners appreciate curbside service, and veterinary hospitals can benefit from continuing to offer it in some capacity. With Vet2Pet’s new Visit Tracker feature, clients can easily check in from the comfort of their vehicle and request curbside service for food or medication pick-ups, patient drop-offs and pick-ups, and more, elevating the client experience. A team member can be assigned to a patient, each patient’s status can be updated and tracked throughout the appointment for visibility to the entire team, and clients can be updated on their pet’s status in real time.

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Why Vet2Pet’s Visit Tracker?

    • Your clients expect and want it. All kinds of businesses—from grocery stores to retail shopping centers and beyond—have made curbside services standard. 
    • It elevates the client experience. With Visit Tracker, you’re offering clients the opportunity to customize their visit to your practice. And, you’re improving the curbside experience by providing real-time updates while clients wait in their car. Some ways to use Visit Tracker for curbside services:
        • Pick up a prescription or food 
        • Pick up or drop off a pet for a procedure
        • Wait in the car until the team is ready to place the pet in an exam room
        • Wait in the car throughout the appointment for a full curbside/virtual experience
    • It helps clients who can’t easily come inside. Curbside services are convenient for clients with young children in the car, mobility issues, un-trained pets, and more.
    • It improves efficiency. Visit Tracker makes seeing appointments a more efficient process for your team. A specific team member can be assigned to each visit, and the status of the appointment will be displayed for visibility to the entire team.
    • It reduces noise in your waiting room. Your parking lot can serve as an extension of your waiting room.
    • It’s easy for clients to use. Clients check in from their vehicle by scanning a QR code on your parking lot sign, clicking the Check In / Pick Up option in your hospital app, or clicking the link to the check-in form, which can be delivered in an appointment confirmation message.
  • It’s easy for your team to use. Your team is notified via desktop alerts and/or email notification when a client submits the check-in form.

With Vet2Pet, you’ll:

  • Stand apart from competitors 
  • Strengthen the bond with clients 
  • Streamline and simplify your workflow
  • Automate client communication and reminders
  • Improve client and team experiences
  • Make it easy for clients to do business with you
  • Increase revenue (Hospitals using the Loyalty Program enjoy an average annual revenue increase of $142K, so the platform more than pays for itself!)
  • Love your job again, and get home for dinner on time

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