Increasing Owner Compliance: Why Push Notifications Should be #1 in Your Arsenal

Emails, post cards, and text messages are just a few of the ways to get appointment and service reminders out to your clients. But now, there’s a better way to remind clients about important information and news: push notifications through Vet2Pet.

What is a push notification?

A push notification is a message that pops up on your mobile device with information from an app that you have downloaded on your phone. You don’t have to be in the app or even using your mobile device to receive the notification. These notifications will be visible on your device’s home screen until you open your phone and look at the message. They can also be accessed at any time in the app and in your phone’s notifications area even after they’ve been read.

Why use push notifications?

Here are the top three reasons push notifications should be included in your veterinary hospital’s arsenal of reminders:

1. They are branded to your hospital. When a client gets a push notification from your practice, it shows up with your logo and your hospital branding in the headline of the notification. Vet2Pet is the only app that offers this functionality. When you send a reminder via text message, your client will only see the text icon and the phone number from where the text was sent. Because of this, some clients may delete the text reminder before reading it, and others may opt out of receiving texts since the sender is not clear.

2. Push notifications are a one-way street. Since your clients can’t respond to push notifications, your hospital can get relevant and important information to your clients more efficiently because you don’t have to be tied to a phone, computer, or smart device waiting for a rebuttal or additional questions.

3. It’s FREE! Push notifications are embedded in the app at no additional charge. Text messaging, emails, and post cards are usually services for which you’ll incur an additional fee. (And we can say from experience that these services are usually not cheap.)

How can I use push notifications?

The options for utilizing push notifications within the Vet2Pet app are endless. Vet2Pet practices are always coming up with creative ideas on how to use push notifications to be more efficient, improve compliance, and stand out among the pack.

Push notifications can be sent immediately, scheduled for the future, or reoccurring weekly or monthly. They can be directed to:

• One person
• A group of people
• Clients with pets that fall within a specific category, like species, breed, or age group
• Everyone in your database

Because you can specify these notification’s recipients, you ensure that the information you’re sending to clients is relevant to them and their pets.

That means that when they receive a push notification from your practice, they’ll be more likely to read it.

Here are some examples of what you can do with push notifications:

• Remind pet owners monthly to give flea, tick, and heartworm preventives
• Make announcements regarding unexpected closings or changes in your hospital’s hours of operation
• Announce special promotions
• Update clients after surgery (you can even include a picture of the pet)
• Send links to credible online articles about specific disease processes so owners can review important information at home

Check out how Jennie George, Practice Manager at Deerfield Veterinary Clinic uses push notifications in her practice!

Do you use push notifications at your practice? Comment below to tell us how!

Michele Hess RVT is an Inside Sales Representative at Vet2Pet and loves helping practices achieve optimal communication with their clients through today’s technology. She can be reached at michele@vet2pet.com

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Written by
Michele Hess, RVT

Michele Hess, RVT

Michele started her career in emergency veterinary medicine in 2006 and has an extensive and well-rounded understanding of the veterinary profession. As Vet2Pet’s inside sales representative, she enjoys showing people around the app during product demonstrations and helping them understand how the app can help in their day-to-day lives in practice.
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