The Vet2Pet client connection platform helps practices connect at a deeper level with clients, bonding them to the practice and helping veterinarians provide the most exceptional care to their patients.

Vet2Pet was founded in 2013 by Dr. Stacee Santi as a practicing veterinarian, to address one of the biggest problems faced by veterinary hospitals today: attracting, engaging and retaining clients.

The built-in loyalty program is statistically proven to boost overall practice revenue by an average of $100,011 and increase total practice revenue by 6.4%. Rewarded clients visit 5 additional times per year and spend 26.6% more than they did pre-loyalty program.

Today, 9 countries later, Vet2Pet is a rapidly growing tech company passionately dedicated to improving the lives of veterinary teams.

Where in the world is Vet2Pet?

An open letter to veterinarians from Dr. Stacee Santi

To my friends and colleagues,

A few years ago—2010 to be exact—I was becoming increasingly frustrated because my clients weren’t giving their heartworm prevention each month. Often during my wellness exams, clients were admitting they still had some parasite prevention left over from the prior summer.  Nobody buys medication with the intent of not giving it. The reality is that my clients were forgetting and the calendar stickers in the box were no longer relevant in our smartphone world.

I knew I needed an app for my practice, so I could send a reminder to the smartphone each month reminding my clients it was time to give monthly parasite prevention to their pet. No one was building apps for veterinarians at that time, so being the resourceful veterinarian that I am, I built my own. And, my clients absolutely loved it. We added more and more features over time, solving more and more problems in the practice.

And so I became  the founder of a technology company with a team of passionate techs, managers and receptionists from the trenches. We’re focused on helping provide a modern-day tool to any veterinarian, whether you are “techy” or not. We do the heavy lifting and help you get up to cruising altitude quickly because we know what works. Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder and if possible, get home for dinner on time.  🙂


Dr. Stacee Santi

We LOVE the app! It was such an easy launch, so much smoother than I thought it would be. The staff found the dashboard very easy to use. Our clients love the loyalty program.

– Lindsey, Practice Manager, Winterfield Veterinary Hospital

“Vet2Pet has given us another tool to provide ‘knock your socks off’ service for our clients and patients. Everyone loves how easy the App is to use. I love that is was created by a veterinarian to help other veterinarians.”

– Dr. Melanie A. Marsden, Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic

"We love our APP!! It makes us more efficient because we can message appointment reminders, answer questions, send special messages to all or to specific clients without calling them on the phone. And you made it easy for my team to learn how to use it. And of course, we love all the updates and learning tools via Mr. Meowgy. We look forward to seeing the many more things we will be able to do in the future!”

– Laura Tavares , Practice Manager, Kaka'ako Pet Hospital

"Clients absolutely love the rewards program."

– Shannon, Practice Manager, Nichols Veterinary Clinic

“So excited by the infectious enthusiasm about this app in my practice!”

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