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Our team of accomplished veterinary professionals has over 80 years of combined industry experience! At Vet2Pet, we get to fulfill our passion every day, by helping practices connect with clients and take better care of their patients.

If you want to learn more about our team, click on our photos below for a brief bio.

Stacee Santi
DVM and Founder of Vet2Pet / LinkedIn Profile
Sign: Aquarius
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Dr. Stacee Santi graduated CSU in 1996 and began her veterinary career in Portland Oregon at a 13-doctor ER hospital. In 2002, she accepted a position at Riverview Animal Hospital in Durango, Colorado and began managing the hospital in 2007. Being a veterinarian herself, she knows the challenges the industry faces to stay connected to clients. In 2013, Dr. Santi founded Vet2Pet and began working on new contemporary strategies to connect with clients… the first being the custom veterinary app.

"There are many programs out there aimed at recapturing old clients but it is my belief that it is easier and more financially rewarding to take care of the top clients in your practice. My app is centered around providing useful thoughtful content that can help clients take the best care of their pets."
Karyn Ekola
CVPM | Director of Operations
Sign: Aries
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Karyn started her veterinary industry career in 2002 at Riverview Animal Hospital in Durango, CO and by 2011 worked her way up from kennel tech to hospital manager. Over the years, she played an integral role in leading the hospital towards greater efficiency and technological advancements, by creating and launching new systems to improve the overall functioning of the hospital. She led the initiative to go paperless and succeeded in incorporating technology into daily business success.

Karyn assisted with the development and launch of the mobile app in 2010 and has continued to provide support since the time Vet2Pet was officially launched to the public.
Hadley Larsen
App Deployment Specialist
Sign: Leo
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Hadley began her career in veterinary medicine as a kennel assistant then receptionist in a busy AAHA hospital. She joined Vet2Pet in 2016 to help bring her millennial talents to app building! She enjoys integrating two of her favorite things, animals and technology. You can often find Hadley kissing her French boyfriend, Hudson.
Leslie Hansen
Support Specialist
Sign: Libra
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Leslie joined the Vet2Pet team after working for Expeditionary Learning as a Program Manager, where she was responsible for a multitude of tasks and coordination of events. She created and implemented a variety of key systems to streamline the work in her department to support high-quality customer service. Her background of customer service and ability to handle literally everything that came her way made her the perfect candidate for our Customer Success Coordinator position. She enjoys spending time with her family including her husband, two teenage daughters and her skijoring pooch Alice. Leslie and her family have been life long clients with Dr. Stacee!
Michele Hess
RVT | Inside Sales Representative
Sign: Sagittarius
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Michele is a registered veterinary technician who started her career in emergency veterinary medicine in 2006. She has an extensive and well rounded understanding of the veterinary profession after working in ER, general practice, specialty medicine and spending a few years in pharmaceutical sales. Michele joined the Vet2Pet team in 2018, and loves helping practices achieve optimal communication with their clients. Through this they can provide excellent patient care utilizing today's technology. She is a proud mom to 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a ball python named Max. Michele recently achieved her life-long dream of meeting the Backstreet Boys.
Kodie Martinez
Sign: Virgo
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Kodie joined the Vet2Pet Team after working in the veterinary hospital and the human healthcare for over 15 years. Kodie loves helping and caring for humans and animals! She loves spending her time with her husband Anthony, son AJ, and her fur babies Honey and Mia!
Shannon Clarke
RVT, MBA | Practice Technology Coach
Sign: Aries
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Shannon has been in the veterinary industry since 1992. A registered veterinary technician with an MBA in Business Management, she has a passion for helping animals. She particularly enjoys working with wildlife, and worked for 20 years with the Wildlife Care of Ventura County and for 5 years as a volunteer with the Marine Mammal Center. Her in-practice experience includes everything from receptionist and head technician to practice manager. Prior to joining the Vet2Pet team, Shannon was the AVImark Operations Manager for NVA for over 9 years. She loves to scuba dive and spend time with her family, which includes her husband, daughter, three stepsons, dogs, cats, frogs, goose and bearded dragon.
Shawna Castillo
Practice Technology Coach
Sign: Gemini
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Shawna was born and raised in southwest Iowa and worked in a veterinary clinic throughout high school and college. She earned her Bachelor of Science degrees in both Animal Science & Industry and Agricultural Communications & Journalism from Kansas State University in 2009. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Colorado and managed a busy animal hospital for over six years. Shawna believes that maximizing practice efficiency and communication has a direct and positive impact on quality patient care, and she couldn’t be happier to be working with the Vet2Pet team! She shares three crazy, beautiful dogs with her boyfriend and loves to mountain bike, snowboard, cook, travel, and listen to live music.
Sam Vranorsey
Assistant to Mr. Meowgy
Sign: Pisces
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Sam fell in love with animals as a child and has always had a dog in the house. Before joining the Vet2Pet team she worked in Alaska for the Department of Fish and Game and traveled the country helping with events. She graduated from SNHU with a BS in Marketing. She spends her free time pet sitting, hiking with dogs, and traveling with her boyfriend.

The Vet2Pet Story

Dr. Stacee Santi started in veterinary practice in 1996 and has managed the Riverview Animal Hospital in Durango, Colorado since 2007. She was always very interested in technology and constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiencies in her practice and deliver a better experience to her clients and patients. Stacee really loves animals and was always thinking of ways to extend more accessible care to her patients.

In 2010, Stacee became fascinated with how apps were helping other types of businesses strengthen relationships with their clients. She thought an app would really help her achieve her goal of providing the best care possible for her patients, but after searching discovered that there were no apps available for the veterinarian industry.

And so, Stacee decided to go online and create her own DIY app! At this point she had absolutely no intention of starting a company. The initial version of the app was extremely basic, but clients and staff loved it and became very engaged with it. Stacee continued to edit, tweak and add features to the app until one day she realized that she had managed to create a cool, simple and effective tool to enable easy communication with her clients.

Stacee had many colleagues who were interested in having an app for their practices, so in 2013 she made the decision to commercialize the app and started a company. She named it Vet2Pet, which represents Stacee’s original goal when initially developing her own app for her practice: connecting with patients and taking care of them even when they aren’t physically in the hospital.

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Our mission is to help veterinary practices connect with clients using smart, simple, innovative smartphone applications that build loyalty and help the veterinarian get home for dinner on time.


Our vision is to be a global leader in customized apps for small and large animal veterinary practices by providing grass root platforms that enhance communication and connection between the veterinarian, client and patient.