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5 Ways to Survive the Summer in Vet Med

By Stacee Santi, DVM Welcome to summer, and veterinary medicine’s notoriously “busy season.” But, since the emergence of the pandemic puppy and COVID kitten, we’ve been through a nonstop busy season for the past year. Now that summer is upon us, how are exhausted veterinary […]

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5 Steps to Ramp Up Your Client Education Game

By Crista Wallis, DVM Veterinarians and their teams spend a large portion of their days educating clients. Most of us believe that if you educate pet owners about general pet health and care, the chances of their pets developing preventable illnesses will decrease.  Education is […]

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Alex Bentley

The Vet2Pet Team: Spotlight on Alex Bentley

By Mr. Meowgy Young grasshoppers, it is I, Mr. Meowgy, Vet2Pet’s master ninja feline. I am back with yet another written masterpiece highlighting a Vet2Pet team member. For this article, I spent much valuable time conversing with Alex Bentley, Vet2Pet’s senior technology advisor. While I […]

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