We are hiring! App Deployment Assistant

We are on the hunt for an App Deployment Assistant to work with our rapidly growing software company. Are you the right SWAN for us? (S=smart, W= work ethic, A= attitude, N= nice).

Job Description: Entry-level position to help deploy Android apps into the Play Store and assist with other app deploying tasks. This job is primarily on-site work in an office setting with flexible hours and casual atmosphere.

Role requirements:

  • Able to pay close attention to detail 
  • Organized 
  • Able to multitask and jump in/out of projects
  • Team player/able to participate in discussion
  • Easy-going
  • Hard working/willing to go the extra mile
  • Self starter and self sufficient 
  • Time management skills 
  • Solid skills with Mac computers
  • Likes technology and is willing to try new programs/technologies 
  • Good at taking direction
  • Comfortable using smartphones/apps
  • Creative and innovative mindset
  • Of course loves animals!

If this sounds fun and exciting to you, please send your resume to info@vet2pet.com


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15th of March 2019 09:30 AM
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16th of February 2019 04:01 PM
Well, this is exciting!
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13th of February 2019 07:59 AM