Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital

By Stacee Santi, DVM

I remember one of the first times I got to present my app to a group of veterinarians in Huntington Beach CA at a key account event sponsored by Zoetis. This is where I met Jessica Speas. We instantly hit it off and she ended up taking a chance on Vet2Pet and enrolling with us in 2013. This was before I had employees or even an office. I was still working my vet job full time. I remember the innovative energy she brought to her Dad’s, Dr. James Speas, practice. With her training as a CVPM, she was committed to growing a successful business and challenging the status quo in the competitive landscape of southern CA and she has accomplished that!

Make lemonade out of lemons

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In a recent conversation, Jessica and I were talking about how far the product has come since 2013 and how successful her loyalty program has been from the first day. She noticed right away that it changed the conversation with clients at the checkout desk. Instead of the client focusing on the $500 invoice, it was easy to redirect their attention to their loyalty program and all the stamps there were receiving. This made building loyalty easier and took the edge off the cost of care.

Keep your eye on the ball

Her practice has recently taken a laser-like focus to only work on things that meet their core values and vision. For Crescenta Cañada, it is all about being the premiere veterinary clinic in their area. With nearly 90% of her app users engaged with their loyalty program, practice revenue is skyrocketing. In the first few years, Jessica and I had discussions over Excel reports she manually pulled from Cornerstone as we researched the impact of her loyalty program (this was before we built out the data integration). The numbers were staggering even in the early days with an over 50% increase in incremental revenue. Fast forward to now, with 3 years of integrated data, we can take a detailed look at her loyal clients’ spending behavior. This practice is the only practice in the industry (besides my former practice Riverview Animal Hospital) with three years of loyalty program data and the ability to view the staggering compound effect. The loyalty program at Crescenta grows exponentially, at an average growth of 64% each year.

Location. Location. Location.

The other benefit of the Vet2Pet app that Jessica treasures is the custom branding for Crescenta Cañada. As she points out, people stare at their phone all day long, so having their own app with their practice name and logo is valuable real estate on her clients’ devices, keeping them from reaching out to competitors. Every time a client scrolls through their phone, they see her practice app and Crescenta Cañada stays top of mind. Jessica thinks it’s the best marketing deal around with the most reach!

Drive compliance with push notifications

From the beginning, Jessica has found value in the push notifications especially for monthly parasite prevention. Laughingly she admits that her own dog Junebug, who goes to work with her everyday, spent most of her time with “hit or miss” protection until she herself started receiving the automated push notifications to give her monthly protection! It just goes to show you, you can have the best intentions and still forget what’s on the to-do list. Everyone can benefit from a little reminder!

Before we got off the phone this time, Jessica asked me if I knew what she remembered most about me the first time we met. I had to admit I had no idea. She said, “You played this ‘Call Me Maybe’ hospital tour video you made with your smartphone and I thought, this girl is willing to take risks and try new things. That’s when I knew we would work well together!” I’m happy to say, the feeling is mutual and why we treasure Jessica and the crew at Crescenta Cañada.

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