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In 2018, Dr. Rebecca Williams decided to take a chance and buy a small animal practice, Deerwood Animal Clinic located in Jacksonville Florida. Established 23 years ago, Deerwood Animal Clinic is comprised of 10 team members all committed to providing exceptional medical care to small animals. One of Dr. Williams’s first decisions was to get a mobile app for her new practice that would enable her to deliver better communication with her clients and build loyalty.

Twelve months later, Deerwood Animal Clinic has over half (54%) of their active client base using their app. What this means is that Dr. Williams and her team are better equipped to connect with their clients. Unlike with email and social media, when clients have downloaded the app, being able to get their attention is easier and you won’t get lost in spam or have to pay to boost your message so it will be seen. This makes things like sending post-op updates and next day messages about lab-work quick and easy, something they do everyday.

Use training resources to boost team engagement

To achieve this level of team engagement, Dr. Williams and Susan, the practice manager, would play one episode of App Ninja Class each week during their team meeting then brainstorm about how to implement the lesson in their practice. This led to new approaches aimed at elevating the client experience and increasing staff efficiency by using their mobile app.

Because the whole team was involved, their success skyrocketed.

Think outside the box with the refill request feature

One of the most popular and successful programs they have implemented is the “Grab and Go” for prescription refills. Rather than have clients call the practice (or walk-in), the staff talks to clients with chronic medications about their “Grab and Go” program. By doing these 3 things, clients can save $5 on every order:

  1. Order refills through the app
  2. Allow the practice to securely store their credit card*
  3. Give the practice 24-hours notice

Each morning the receptionist team opens their Vet2Pet admin dashboard and receives anywhere from 10-15 orders. They prepare the refills and then hand the bundle to Dr. Williams for her authorization. Finally the orders are filled, the on-file credit card is processed and the order is ready for pick up! This saves the team a ton of time by working on a higher level with the day-to-day “busy work”, allowing them to spend more time helping their clients and patients.

The loyalty program is a game changer

With 73% of their total users using the loyalty program, it is one of the most popular features of their mobile app and has definitely changed the spending behavior of their clients. In fact, one client in particular always has to round up to the next $100 mark regardless of where her invoice sits. She might be $60 away from the next loyalty stamp but will look around the practice and say, “Well, what else can I buy today?”. They laugh because she is already stocked up for the next year and a half on parasiticides and supplements! It’s a great problem to have.

Dr. Stacee Santi is the CEO and founder of Vet2Pet App Builders, where she developed a strategy to connect with clients and improve patient care through the development of a personalized custom app for veterinary practices. She can be reached at

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