The Vet2Pet Team: Spotlight on Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley

By Mr. Meowgy

Young grasshoppers, it is I, Mr. Meowgy, Vet2Pet’s master ninja feline. I am back with yet another written masterpiece highlighting a Vet2Pet team member. For this article, I spent much valuable time conversing with Alex Bentley, Vet2Pet’s senior technology advisor. While I do not agree with all of his ways of life, I do find him most interesting and unusual.

An inside look at Vet2Pet’s Alex Bentley

Mr. Meowgy (MM): Alex Bentley, I have heard that you have many animal companions at your residence. I seek information about these animals.

Alex Bentley (AB): Yes, I do have a lot of animals. I’ll start with the cats for you, Mr. Meowgy.

MM: Indeed, you are a man after this feline ninja’s own heart.

AB: We’ve got two cats: Steve and Momma Cat. We also have three dogs: Lydia is a shih tzu, Marshall is a Doberman, and Bobby Jo is a big Lab mix. And then we have four horses. Two are minis: Willis and Nugget, and the other two are Skeeter and Willow. Then we have a potbellied-Juliana mix pig. His name is Norman. Sometimes you’ll see him during team Zoom calls if I’m on the back porch. We also have two goats: Kevin and Van. They like to do a lot of random things when they’re in the backyard. Van was on the roof somehow yesterday, so I had to get him down. And then we have a tortoise, too. His name is Frank.

MM: Alex Bentley! Goats on the roof? Pigs on Zoom? Kevin and Norman and Frank and Steve? Your collection of animals is most odd. Do you also collect human children?

AB: We have one daughter, Sawyer. She’s 18 months old.

MM: Who is this ‘we’ you speak of? You have a partner to help you with your collection of animals and one child?

AB: Yes, my wife Wendy. She’s a veterinarian. 

MM: Oh, yes. Now it makes sense. A veterinarian. 

AB: Yeah, she’s a big animal lover. We own two clinics here in Texas—one in New Braunfels, and one in San Antonio.

MM: And your clinics use the Vet2Pet app, I am sure. 

AB: Of course.

MM: What was your employment before you came to be the senior technology advisor for Vet2Pet?

AB: Well, I started working when I was 16. I picked up trash ahead of the county mowing department for Harris County. I’d pick up trash on weekdays from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. I did that for a whole summer. That same summer, I worked as a lifeguard every weekend. I used the money I made that summer to buy my very first car—my yellow Jeep. I still have it, actually. 

MM: That—

AB: —And then the next summer I worked at a fab shop in Tomball, Texas. Then I worked at a car shop, a famous restaurant in Houston, a rec center… I worked at the rec center while I was in college. I was a college athlete. I did track and field—pole vault—and I won a lot of championships. After college I did some light sales for a salt-water pool system company, then I moved out to San Diego to train at the Olympic training center. I started coaching track and field while I was there, and I ended up at the University of New Orleans, and then the University of Texas. I got five championship rings while coaching there.

MM: You have much wind, Alex Bentley. I now know the history of your life. Except, how did you end up with a career in veterinary medicine?

AB: Sorry… I met my future wife, and I didn’t want to leave Texas because that’s where she was going to be. So, I stopped coaching track and field, and started looking for something in the sales world. I ended up doing technology sales and consulting for Patterson Veterinary, and that’s what brought me to Vet2Pet.

MM: You were a champion, but you stopped because you met a girl?

AB: I was an aspiring Olympian. A state champion here in Texas. Won a bunch of championships in different places. Jumped really high, and had fun doing it. Coached at a prestigious university. Got championship rings for the Big 12. I did a lot in a short period of time. When I found the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I had no problem changing it up. 

MM: That is most inspiring. Mr. Meowgy does not have tears often. Well done. Let us change the subject. Why are you happy to be on the Vet2Pet team?

AB: I love bringing value and helping veterinary practices go where they want to go. At Vet2Pet,  I get to meet all kinds of people from all over the place. And the camaraderie at Vet2Pet is amazing. It’s a solid team—a great group of people—and that definitely shows in the support that I’m promoting when I’m talking to practices. It’s quite difficult to find that kind of support in the vet world. Vet2Pet stands out in that way. 

MM: Ahhh, yes. It does. Now, I will ask you some quick questions to answer. Not long. You understand, young grasshopper?

AB: Yep, I sure do.

MM: Yep would have been sufficient. You have much to learn. What is your favorite adult beverage?

AB: Whiskey.

MM: How do you prefer it?

AB: Old fashioned. 

MM: What is your favorite food?

AB: Good Italian with seafood mixed into it.

MM: What is your favorite veterinary conference?

AB: WVC. It’s Vegas.

MM: What is your favorite type of music?

AB: Country. Texas country.

MM: What is your favorite hobby?

AB: My favorite solo hobby is playing with my Jeeps. I’ve got two. My favorite family hobby is going out on our boat together. 

MM: You like the water? 

AB: I love the water. I love to surf, too, but I don’t live near the ocean anymore, so I designed my boat so you can surf behind it. 

MM: Water is most unpleasant. What other unpleasantries would you like to share with me?

AB: When we moved into this house, I spent about two years wrangling snakes on our 16 acres. I caught over 35 rattlesnakes and 43 coral snakes. 

MM: I do not understand how you could do this.

AB: The first ones were a little dicey! After that, I got some snake tongs and I just snagged them.

MM: You are most fortunate a rattlesnake did not get the best of you. What is your favorite quote or motto?

AB: Your happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.

MM: You seem to be a most happy human, indeed. Thank you, Alex.

Visit the Vet2Pet team page to learn more about Alex and the rest of the team. 

Mr. Meowgy, Master App Ninja

Abandoned by his family, Mr. Meowgy was discovered in a filthy trash can by a kind-hearted veterinary technician. Taking pity on this poor orphan kitten, the vet tech bottle fed and raised Mr. Meowgy into becoming the most excellent master ninja he is today. Mr. Meowgy credits his determination, savvy street smarts, and desire to make humans better to his humble beginnings. He is a most talented ninja cat, who enjoys teaching humans how to use technology, lapping up warm milk, kneading bread, and catching the little red dot.

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