How Technology Can Help Your Veterinary Practice Recruit Employees

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By Karyn Ekola, CVPM

With the nationwide veterinary staffing shortage, it’s a fierce competition to snag a warm body, much less top talent. It’s a job-seeker’s market, and they can afford to be choosy when searching for a new veterinary practice to help them grow. To ensure your practice attracts potential employees, showcase the best of your location, your team, your medicine, and your technology in your job ad.

Advanced technology can be a huge asset in attracting new employees, with everything from a DR imaging system to a customized practice app demonstrating your desire to provide the latest in innovative and efficient technology. Potential employees will see your practice as a place where continual learning, advancement, and growth is valued, while technology implementation to help shoulder the workload will demonstrate the importance that is placed on team wellness and mental health.

Using technology to simplify tasks and improve client—and team—experiences can make your workplace more attractive to potential new employees.   

Here are five ways you can use technology to attract potential new employees.

#1: Demonstrate how much time and energy your practice app saves your team

Veterinary professionals are cracking under the strain of an unrelenting caseload, and anything you can do to alleviate that burden can substantially increase your team’s happiness and job satisfaction

Show how forward-thinking and innovative your practice is when it comes to boosting efficiency and streamlining workflows with your hospital app. For example, Vet2Pet can save up to three hours of phone time per day by facilitating appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, and client communication. Nobody enters veterinary medicine out of a desire to talk on the phone, and a practice app can help shoulder the administrative workload and let your team—and potential team members—do what they do best: care for pets.

vet2pet veterinary app statistics

#2: Offer online continuing education options for your team

Star employees love to learn new techniques, discover advanced protocols, and engage in novel treatment plans that provide the best medicine for their patients. Attract these top employees to your practice by highlighting how much you encourage—and financially support—continuing education for all your team members. And, while in-person conferences are great, online continuing education options are much more easily accessible, more cost-effective, and can benefit the entire team. 

If your team currently holds Fear Free, Low Stress Handling, AAHA accreditation, or other credentials, showcase that information to a prospective employee, and offer them access to these training resources after their probation period ends. 

Online sources of advanced education are invaluable to employees who want to go the extra mile for their patients, and by offering such resources, you can attract quality potential recruits. 

vet2pet veterinary masterclass

#3: Promote your online pharmacy

With the popularity of Amazon and Chewy, it’s easy to see that everybody loves the convenience of online shopping. Not only will your clients appreciate the ease of ordering their pet’s prescriptions through your online pharmacy and having them shipped to their door, your team will also love their decreased workload. 

Your clients will be able to purchase monthly parasite prevention and sign up for auto ship, no longer needing to call and ask when their pet is due again for heartworm, flea, and tick prevention. And, your team won’t need to count out so many pills every day to fill prescriptions. With wider product lines available through your online pharmacy, and the helping hand offered by technology, your clients, team, and new recruits will enjoy the benefits granted by this digital tool.

veterinary online pharmaceutical app

#4: Sing the praises of your practice’s cutting-edge technology tools

Technological advancements offer so many tools that can promote efficiency and reduce your team’s workload, you should be singing their praises to potential recruits. Virtual care has made huge strides in veterinary medicine since the pandemic—clients and veterinary teams alike love its convenience. 

Artificial intelligence has also gained notoriety as an up-and-coming tool used with radiology interpretation by automating routine reading. AI technology can be tied into your PIMS so that all images can be automatically scanned and evaluated, providing results in minutes for a rapid diagnosis, making your animal hospital more efficient and saving your veterinarians time.

#5: Offer remote positions with your cloud-based PIMS

Cloud-based PIMS are becoming much more commonplace, and, with their easy accessibility from just about anywhere, your employees will love having the option to work from home if possible. And, when you provide the right tools to remote employees, they can take a significant amount of work off your in-clinic team’s shoulders, which makes everyone happier.

Is your practice stuck in the past? Embrace technology, and you’ll improve your team’s efficiency and job satisfaction, and help your practice stand out to potential new employees. Schedule a demo of the Vet2Pet client connection platform to get started. 

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