Special Offer for VGP Members on Vet2Pet’s All-in-One Client Connection Platform

As a VGP member, you enjoy a special deal on Vet2Pet’s all-in-one platform and custom-branded hospital app!

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Why Vet2Pet?

We want to spare you from too much scrolling, so we’ve picked our top 8 (trust us, there are a lot more) reasons Vet2Pet could be the perfect all-in-one client connection solution for your practice:

  1. Stand out from your competitors and strengthen the bond with your clients. Your Vet2Pet platform puts your brand front and center, end-to-end!

  2. Create the client experience you want to deliver. Your Vet2Pet platform is customized for your workflow, designed to streamline and simplify your team’s tasks.

  3. Exchange chats, photos, and videos with clients using our 2-Way Chat feature to improve the client (and team!) experience.

  4. Reduce phone calls by encouraging your clients to schedule their own appointments, request prescription refills, access medical records, and pay for services through your app.>

  5. Retain clients with our simple, easy-to-use loyalty program, and add an average of $100,000 in annual revenue!

  6. Customize the delivery method-app notification, email, or text- and cadence of your health services reminders, and remind all clients, whether they have your app or not.

  7. Remember that special offer we mentioned at the top of the page?

Schedule a demo to find out how Vet2Pet's all-in-one client engagement platform can help your practice.

Hey! Where you goin’ meow?

Are you trying to leave without signing up for a demo first? Yep, the cat’s out of the bag… OK, how about we throw in this free reusable cat shopping bag? Use code #CATSOUTOFTHEBAG when you sign up, and that bag is yours after your demo.

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