Sit. Stay. Learn.

Although learning the latest designer breed names is important—is that pyrepoodle going to set your practice on fire?—we’ve got something even more useful for your career: free, 30-minute webinars that cover the topics you care about now. In the time it would take a schnoodle to dig under your backyard fence, we’ll dig into the latest topics affecting veterinary practices, and provide you with 5 actionable steps you can implement right away.

Bonus: You’ll earn free RACE or CVPM credits!

Register for upcoming webinars to take advantage of Q&A sessions during the live viewing, or take a peek at our most recent recording. Sniff around on Vet2Pet On Demand for even more recorded webinars to earn free CE on your own time.

Upcoming Webinars

August 18, 2021

@ 12 p.m. MT

5 Steps to Reconnecting with Your Clients

30-minute CVPM-Qualified CE webinar

Providing top-notch veterinary care while battling a pandemic has not been an easy task, and your clients could be suffering from decreased face-to-face interaction. Bring your clients back to the fold with re-engagement tactics.

September 15, 2021

@ 12 p.m. MT

5 Tips to Prevent Appointment No-Shows

30-minute CVPM-Qualified CE webinar

Nothing is more frustrating than a no-show in the midst of your jam-packed schedule, especially when you have a waitlist a mile long. Learn how to handle these clients appropriately, and keep your lobby filled with on-time clients.

October 20, 2021

@ 12 p.m. MT

5 Tips for Mastering Your Online Reviews Process

30-minute CVPM Qualified CE webinar

Do you struggle with finding the right words to respond to an online review, especially if it’s an inaccurate portrayal of the events that occurred? Discover how to encourage your clients to provide feedback, while replying professionally to all your reviews.

“Every time I attend one of your webinars I feel better (emotionally) afterward. You have a very endearing aura and such a welcoming and down-to-earth disposition that it really 'cheers up' the audience, which is super hard to do when it’s not in person.”


This webinar is available on demand now! Register for a Vet2Pet On Demand account to gain access to this webinar and other recordings, and to receive your CE certificates when completed.

5 Branding Pitfalls That Can Hurt Your Business

30-minute CVPM Qualified CE webinar
As a veterinarian, your focus is on patient care, but a poorly designed or inconsistent brand can hurt your bottom line more than you realize. Discover what’s important—and what not to do—when developing a branding strategy for your practice.

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