Sit. Stay. Learn.

Although learning the latest designer breed names is important—is that pyrepoodle going to set your practice on fire?—we’ve got something even more useful for your career: free, RACE-approved, 30-minute webinars that cover the topics you care about now. In the time it would take a schnoodle to dig under your backyard fence, we’ll dig into the latest topics affecting veterinary practices, and provide you with 5 actionable steps you can implement right away. 

Register for upcoming webinars to take advantage of Q&A sessions during the live viewing, or take a peek at our most recent recording. Sniff around on Vet2Pet On Demand for even more recorded webinars to earn free CE on your own time.

Upcoming Webinars

April 21, 2021

@ 12 p.m. MT

5 Steps to Improving CSR Efficiency

Yes! You can maximize your practice’s productivity by supporting your CSRs, alleviating their stress, and boosting their efficiency! We’ll teach you how in 5 steps.

May 19, 2021

@ 12 p.m. MT

5 Steps to Ramp Up Your Client Education Game

Turn your clients away from Dr. Google. Learn how to become the only reliable source for pet-care information.

June 23, 2021

@ 12 p.m. MT

5 Steps to Building a Successful Loyalty Program

Rewarding existing clients is five times more profitable than acquiring new ones. Learn how to take advantage of the psychology behind loyalty programs to boost revenue and drive client compliance.


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5 Steps to Getting Your Pharmacy Back

Kick Chewy to the curb and woo your clients back to your pharmacy. This on-demand webinar explains how.

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